When parking be sure to notice the 3L disc zones! Parking between the times of 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday and from 12 noon to 5pm on Sundays could result in a ticket fine! To prevent this from happening, make sure you receive a parking disc from reception allowing you to park for three hours.

Free Parking Discs

There are many parking restrictions around the hotel and are monitored between 9a.m. to 5p.m., Monday to Saturday (Sunday being 12 noon to 5p.m.). To insure your stay here is pleasant make sure you don't forget to pick up a parking disc from reception.

- They are usable at any disc zones In Scarborough, Whitby and Filey area and is free parking for the number of hours which is quoted on the relevant parking sign on each road. For the area around the Rivelyn Hotel it is three hours.
-Make sure that you DO NOT return parking in the next hour having just parked


Parking permits available


T - 01723 363513
M - 07442 011550


1-4 Crown Crescent
North Yorkshire
YO11 2BJ